The YouTuber English Arekkz Gaming has released a new video of Godfall focused on some aspects of the project related to the gameplay and progression, showing on this occasion some sequences of the game are new.

The video focuses on the system of loot, progression and unlocking abilities, by showing snippets of gameplay, new and never shown before by the developers. In the past few days Arekkz showed also the exclusive armor Hinterclaw of Godfall, dedicated to those players who choose to face the adventure in a more aggressive and determined. Have emerged more and recent details on the support to the DualSense of Godfall, the developers have revealed how to exploit the potential of the joypad PlayStation 5 to offer a greater depth to the gameplay.

Despite of the fact the first game ever announced for PS5 (during The Game Awards in December 2019) Godfall is still lacking a launch window, the title will arrive approximately at the end of the year on the PlayStation 5 and PC, ideally, we can expect the release to coincide with the new Sony console, we in any case pending clarification from the publisher.