The Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 proceeds slowly and reaches now at Week 6, as he welcomed a new set of challenges with a nice bit of Experience Points in the contest. Here are some tips that will help you to complete them all in a short time.

Inflict damage to the Well Shaky (0/500)

To complete the challenge in question just inflict damage to Shark Loot (good targets) or foes to the Well Shaky. You may not be able to complete the challenge in a single game, so don’t worry if you didn’t have to deal immediately with 500 points of damage.

Deletions of Park Pacific (0/3)

The other challenge is rather simple, since it requires you to delete three different players (not necessarily in a single match) to the Park Pacific. Try to complete this challenge as soon as possible, since there will be many to land in this point-of-interest.

Lands to the Authority and finish among the top 25 (0/1)

To complete this mission you must land to the Authority and expect that they remain in life 25 players. Usually, there are no rules, and if you have any problems to complete the challenge, hide in a bush and wait until the latter stages of the game.

Take a weapon to the Hut, Stack (0/1)

To complete this challenge you need to land in this place of the map to pick up a weapon. On our pages you can find all the details about how to take a weapon like a shack Stack.

Search treasure chests (0/10)

Perhaps one of the challenges of the most simple ever: just open a total of 10 chests, not necessarily all in a single game, and Experience Points up for grabs will be your.

Search treasure chests (0/100)

This is the first challenge of a co-operative of Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2, and requires players to open 100 chests. As you can see in the menu, it is recommended to play in Teams, so that they also counted the chests opened by their allies.

Search the boxes of ammunition in the Village Geezer (0/7)

In a manner similar to the relative challenge to the coffers of the Sands Sweaty, head to Borgo Geezer and stock up on boxes of ammunition. You may not find all seven of the boxes in a single game, but fortunately, you can complete the challenge and match in any mode.