Among the numerous trailers that have been shown in sequence in the course of the event dedicated to games of the Xbox Series X has not missed a video presentation of the single player campaign of dragon age ii, in development at the team of Smilegate Entertainment , with the collaboration of the Remedy.

The movie allows us to take a look at some of the gameplay clips that alternate with short sequences in the game, thanks to which we can get a first taste of the story and of the characters we will encounter in the course of the campaign. According to the known information at the time on the plot, everything will revolve around the conflict between two factions of dangerous mercenaries: Global Risk and Black List.

As you may have noticed from the publication of the open beta of Crossfire a few weeks ago, the game will arrive by the end of the year on Xbox One and Xbox Series X with a multiplayer component and a single player, and should be available free of charge to all subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass, although it has been confirmed that to access the online mode will be required to have a profile with Xbox Live Gold membership active.

In the event that you would like to know more about the game, we invite you to take a look at the tried the beta of CrossfireX.