It took eleven long years for that Borderlands first of the name, pane worship of a franchise to commercial and critical success titanic, only offers its very nice OST in vinyl. Without any surprise, we should offer the house Laced Record, specialist in the distribution of soundtracks of videogames modern as well as old-school, which has teamed up with 2K Games to market thirty music remastered signed Jesper Kyd, Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco, Raison Varner and Tim Larkin.

Two editions are available : the standard 36,26 € with the two black discs and the limited (at the same price) with both drives pink. The four sides will be used to print all of the tracks. Finally, before leaving on the tracklist, please note that the delivery is not expected before the end of the month of September. Collectors interested in the corner ?


Disc 1
Welcome to Fyrestone
Enter Skag Gully
Fighting Off The Skags
Removing The Bandit Threat
Traversing The Deep
Fighting Sledge”s Minions
Welcome To The Bunker
Smoking Out The Bunker
Junkyard Vista
Welcome To The Trash Coast
The Rakkhive Emerges
Assaulting Krom”s Canyon
Disc 2
Battling Krom”s Minions
Fighting Krom And His Gun
Trash The Bandits
Trash The Bandits Some More
Welcome To The Wastelands
Traveling To The Vault
Destroying The Destroyer
Bring Your Guns
Bonus – Borderlands
Bonus – The Old New Haven
Bonus – Exploring The Mine
Bonus – Exploring The Overlook
Bonus-The Threat At Overlook
Burning Rubber And Shooting Bullets
Welcome To The Arena Suckers
Moxxi Wants Your Blood
Bring Out The Badasses