Xbox Game Studios and Studio The Coalition introduced the trailer and revealed details of the fourth operation for Gears 5 called Brothers in Arms. The update is already available for all players.
One of the main innovations was the new ranking system. Now rank is determined by the number of Gears Points. Points are earned for wins and on the basis of personal performance. To start the match, you need to spend a certain amount of GP, the higher the rank, the more expensive the entrance.
The game also has a new shop and currency (Gears Coins), which can be spent on the purchase of almost all items or leveling card skills for PvE. Currency can be obtained through gameplay, for testing under the Tour of Duty or as a reward in ranked mode and Escape mode.
The fourth operation adds Gears 5 six new characters: Dominic Santiago, Garron Paduk, Genie bot, soldier UIR, Zamil Karn and the Grenadier Locusts. Now the characters you can buy in the store or to within the Tour of Duty, opening the skin.
In addition, players are waiting for three cards (Reactor, Blood Drive and Checkout), update to PvE-modes, six maps including skills, 24 new achievements, innovations, events and patches within the season.
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