Inside of the First Playable, the event dedicated to the growth of Italian companies in the video game organized by IIDEA, and of the Tuscan Film Commission, a new event dedicated to the independent realities , which develop on Nintendo Switch. Guests of the new edition, the three Italian excellences that have made the horror genre the their stronghold.

Among the kinds of the scene of independent video games in Italy, one in particular has managed in recent years to establish itself on the national soil, and not only that, receiving numerous awards and positive feedback. The horror in a videogame, thanks to titles from plots and psychological, and can involve a mix of attraction and fear gamers, seems to carry on a tradition born in the second half of the Fifties with the cinema and the masters of the genre such as Dario Argento, Mario Bava or Lucio Fulci.

Italians love the mystery and the unknown, both when it speaks of the seventh art, both when it comes to step into the shoes of digital a virtual avatar and live in first person, an adventure, frightening, and distressing. And just following this trend, Nintendo, in collaboration with IIDEA, the Association representing the video games industry in Italy, organizes a new edition of Nintendo’s Indie Summit, the series of events and round tables dedicated to the independent games developed for the Nintendo console Switch.

Studies guests of the new appointment, fully digital, are Stormind Games and Darril Arts, LKA and GhostShark Games. Reality 100% Italian authors of successful games such as Remothered Tormented Fathers, survival horror, winner of numerous awards including Best Italian Game at the Italian Video Game Awards 2019, and Best Animation at the Oniros Movie Awards, 2019, The Town of Light, the critically acclaimed psychological thriller, with a plot based on true events in the ex-mental hospital of Volterra and the winner of the Excellence award in Story and Storytelling to the Game Development Awards 2014, and Still There, graphical adventure from the tone of the sci-fi set in the oblivion of deep Space.

The new edition of the Indie Summit is part of the first day of the First Playable 2020, the main B2B event for the international in Italy dedicated to the business of video games that will be held from 15 to 16 July. Organized by IIDEA, and of the Tuscan Film Commission, with the support of MeetToMatch, a technical partner of the event, the First Playable 2020 contact 50 publisher international with over 70 development studies Italian, with the aim to give visibility to the made in Italy products and grow the video games industry national.

In the three years since the release of the Nintendo Switch, the library of the home Nintendo console should be rising steadily, so as to have surpassed the milestone of over 2000 titles, and this also thanks to the reality of the development of independent, more and more synonymous with quality. In the frame of the First Playable, which has among its primary objectives the growth of Italian companies, Nintendo is in the front row to support studies of local development by providing, with the Indie Summit, a great opportunity of visibility to the media and public for developers so that they can continue to grow and evolve.