Tales of Crestoria is joined in the latter stages of development, and Bandai Namco is making the final touches to the game ahead of the launch scheduled generically “in the near future“, as announced by the publisher. Until here, nothing strange, if it were not that the app is actually already available for download.

As confirmed by the developers, Tales of Crestoria can already be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, however at the time of launching the app a message will tell you that the servers are in maintenance and therefore it is not possible to start the game. It is a choice made in order to allow everyone to download the app immediately and start playing once the infrastructure is online, although at the moment have not been given precise dates.

Tales of Crestoria Download

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  • Tales of Crestoria Android

Bandai Namco expects to be able to launch Tales of Crestoria in the coming weeks, we remind that recently the company has also postponed the release of Tales of Arise, the game is not yet ready and not will be, presumably before 2021, the team needed more time to finish some aspects of the project and deliver to the community a title that can satisfy the very high expectations.