Would you like to play Resident Evil 3 Nemesis in the role of Alice/Milla Jovovich instead of in the role of Jill Valentine? From today it is possible thanks to a mod for PC that replaces the model of Jill with that of the protagonist of the film Resident Evil.

On NexusMod you can find the mod Milla Jovovich Resident Evil 3, a simple polygonal model that replaces the original, to install the mod, simply download the file, open Fluffyquack’s Mod Manager and copy the file Alice_By_DarknessValtier.rar in the folder modmanagerGamesRE3RMods, and Jill will be entirely replaced by Alice.

As noted by the author, the skin may generate some bugs and glitches especially during the interaction with characters or objects in the scenario, there are solutions to these problems, and in the case you can just uninstall the mod in order to avoid these drawbacks.

In recent weeks the community has been satisfied with the mod for Resident Evil 3, among the many we mention Jill’s Classic and mod Resident Evil 3 x Dino Crisis, which adds to the dinosaurs taken from the famous game Capcom. The house of Osaka has, on the contrary in the program, DLC, or expansions for Resident Evil 3, the project RE3 is concluded and there are no further contents.