Razer announces keyboard optical gaming Razer Huntsman Mini with form-factor of 60%. This new keyboard is ultra-compact is the new entry in the family Huntsman, known for its optical switches are industry leaders in the best performing of the traditional mechanical speed and response times.

The Huntsman Mini will be available in the finishes Black, Mercury White, in the two variants of the switch-Purple “clicky” and linear optical Red – improved recently.

The rise of the keyboard with a form factor of 60%

The Huntsman Mini responds to the growing demand on the part of the community of a keyboard gaming compact and high-performance. Among these, also gamer professionals Fortnite, as Ceice and Cloakzy, since the reduced form is perfectly suited to limited space on the desk during the tournament.
With a size equal to about 60% of those of a traditional keyboard, Huntsman Mini still has all of the essential keys for the game. The functions normally assigned to dedicated buttons on a keyboard size are present as secondary functions printed on the side of every single key. You can also assign other – including the macro – Razer Hypershift present in the Synapse 3. This minimalist design eliminates the clutter from your desk and allows you to have more space for the game, for the movements of the mouse or the sleeps of your cat.


Improved with the feedback of the community

The product team Razer continues with the design approach adopted with the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition, which includes a careful listening to the feedback of the community of fans of gaming and technology. The different stages of the iteration, and suggestions have contributed to the development of the Razer Huntsman Mini.

“We have many years of experience in the creation and innovation of keyboards and switch designed for the gamer. Add to this the support and feedback of our community,” said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer”s Peripherals Business Unit. “The Huntsman Mini integrates the best of the latest technology for keyboards, in a form-factor ultra-compact of 60%”.

Less than a year from the output of the switch a linear Huntsman Tournament Edition, Razer has developed a Linear Optical Switch is improved, which makes its debut on the Huntsman Mini is equipped with damping of sound in silicon that significantly reduces the noise by ensuring a sound, silent, without compromising the speed or smoothness. The keys are Doubleshot PBT, introduced with the Huntsman Tournament Edition last September, are stronger than normal ABS present on standard keyboards and can withstand prolonged use without fading. Razer has also invested to produce it in the layout of the region in the course of the next few months. For those who love the customization of the keyboard, Huntsman Mini has a lower row standard compatible with the majority of the sets of keys. You can also use the USB port to connect the cable that the user has at hand.


Created for the gaming

The Huntsman Mini may be small, but he has the game in hand. Gamers who play titles that require speed, such as Fortnite, can build and shoot quickly and accurately with the optical switches which are operated instantaneously at the speed of light, exceeding the performance of traditional mechanical switches present in most of the other keyboards in the game.

The gamer can also enjoy the full lighting effects with Razer Chroma RGB with additions of famous titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and a list of the continuous growth of more than 150 games via the Razer Synapse 3. Even without external software, it is possible to show the effects of Chroma with profiles, extra lighting, pre-configured on-board.