According to a report released by Nikkei, Sony Interactive Entertainment would have increased the production order PlayStation 5, from six to nine million units to be produced by the end of 2020.

Last April, Bloomberg had talked about a production of between five and six million units by march 2021, a figure not very high to meet the initial demand, but pushing was difficult because of the emergency Coronavirus that has blocked for months the asian factories. Now the situation seems changed and always Bloomberg confirms the data released by Nikkei, stating that “Sony is now willing to produce up to ten million units by the end of 2020.”

Apparently the japanese giant is working hard to avoid lack of stock during the christmas period, so as to have a good number of sufficient units to supply the stores all over the world to the launch, and in the period immediately following. The production of PS5 should be begun in June and continue throughout the summer and into the fall, when the console is without a launch date, but as we know, the PlayStation 5 will be available in time for Christmas, with the arrival ideally set for the month of November.