Bloomberg and the Nikkei have published a report that confirms the substantial increase in the production of the PlayStation 5, but Sony intends to produce at least nine or ten million consoles by the end of 2020. This, however, does not mean the absolute resolution of the problems related to supplies and inventory.

As noted by Bloomberg, in fact, despite the increase in production Sony may not be able to ensure a continuous distribution, and adjust to the retailers in time for the christmas season, due to problems with international shipments due obviously to the emergency Coronavirus, which may slow down the activity of the distribution chain to wholesalers and then to retailers.

It seems also the production of the DualSense was increased, initially there was talk of ten million pieces, but this number has grown in line with the boost of production of the console. The mass production of the PS5 is starting in June, Sony expects to have five million units by the end of September and another five million in the month of October, for a total of ten million units ready for launch, and the period immediately following. PS5 is waiting for Christmas 2020, release date and price of the new console are not yet known.