In the past few days a photo of the DualSense of PS5 has snuck up on social, leaving all amazed by the enormous size of the controller. Now emerges a second image that seems to present a different size, which is certainly more compact. What is the truth?

And it has to be explained as in both cases the sources and the photos themselves are very questionable, so it could be fake or photo-montages created for art. In this second image the DualSense seems to be more ergonomic and compact, although as mentioned the quality of the shot is really poor… and what about the ugly foot in the background? In short, it is difficult to say how much a picture like that to be credible, if we consider also that devices of this type difficult to come out from the factories and the offices of Sony, in this case we have instead a photo taken in a home… very strange, no?

For another, it seems that the mass production of the DualSense not yet began, with Sony that has started to produce PS5 in June, and just recently, would have doubled the production request with the goal of having ten million pieces by the end of 2020. And what do you think? The photo is authentic or not?