After learning how Bugsnax will make use of the functionality of the DualSense, the new controller of the PlayStation 5, that, behold, also the development team Godfall revealed in the course of the interview what will be the use of features such as the haptic feedback and the triggers to mechanical.

Here’s how it will be implemented the functionality of the DualSense in the game:

“What makes it exciting to the controller DualSense is not only the vibration of the stereo but also the resistance of the triggers, a combination that allows for the first time to give the player the feeling of challenge is really a weapon. Slip on a material, allow you to perceive by the vibration of guess if it is water, earth, or sand, so this is a very powerful tool in the process of creating an experience. In a game in which you fight body to body, all of this is really interesting, because we have different types of weapons that behave differently. It is also possible to give the player a warning when an enemy is about to attack us without the need of any indicator on the screen.”

In the course of the interview he also talked about the variety of enemies and equipment: it seems that the game to include at launch, 12 armour, 5 types of weapons and more than 90 different enemies.

Please note that the game will arrive by the end of the year exclusively on the PlayStation 5 and PC (only on the Epic Games Store).

By the way, have you already taken a look at the official cover of Godfall on PlayStation 5?