Netflix unexpectedly presented anime series based on Dragon’s Dogma to Capcom.
And surprise was not even the fact of working on the project, and its imminent premiere of the first season will appear after a couple of months, on September 17.
The plot of the story remained intact: a dragon has stolen the heart of the main character, here named Ethan, and he goes on a journey for a villain. However, battling demons that represent the Seven deadly sins, the character gradually losing his humanity.
Simultaneously with the announcement Netflix has revealed a poster and a few frames of film — it is made in the style of adaptation of Castlevania from the same Netflix. The Director of the series for Dragon’s Dogma was Shinya Sugai. It is unknown whether it is working on a project of ADI Shankar, the author of the upcoming Castlevania and Devil May Cry.
Dragon’s Dogma was released in may 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and eventually made it to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The project has been a success for the publisher, however, the second part is still not out. Perhaps the sequel will be the next project Hideaki Itsuno.
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