Our colleagues from GamingBolt had the opportunity to converse with Darby McDevitt, the director, the narrative in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The latter in particular has been questioned on the combat system of the game that is meant to be particularly visceral. “Our goal has been to reproduce this side grime of the Vikings, so we have made it so that the fights are visceral and full of impact, he explained. The Vikings could be brutal but also versatile, an aspect that can be found in the wide variety of weapons, in the fact that one could wield two blades at once, and in the different styles available.”

“Eivor will face many different enemies, has also stressed Darby McDevitt. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla includes not only the 25 types of opponents, but also a system through which players can exploit the weaknesses of enemies and execute finish moves. Each type of enemy fighting in its own way. For example, some will coordinate to let go of the special attacks, while others will not hesitate to use objects. Still others will be able to adapt to the techniques of the players. It shall come to pass even as the guards reveal their personality during the fights. Some will stay at a distance because they will be intimidated by Eivor, while others will be much more determined and will try anything to down, left to suffer the damage.”

Clarification for the less interesting, and proving that developers Ubisoft Montreal have tried not to copy-paste the combat system from Origins and Odyssey. It is recalled that the output of the game is fixed to 17 November on Xbox One, PS4, PC (Epic Games Store, and Stadia), and at a date still unknown on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Finally, don’t forget that we have had the opportunity to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for three hours, as evidenced by our impressions written and our video preview.