Blizzard continues to bring players to Overwatch a series of mini-events in time are entirely dedicated to a single hero and this time it’s up to the mysterious Sigma with its Challenges to Master.

From today, 14 July 2020, to 27 next July you’ll complete a series of simple goals within the game and on Twitch to add a lot of objects to your inventory. Between all of these elements cosmetics certainly stands the model of the legendary Sigma version of the Master, which will remain exclusive to this event.

Here are all the objects related to Sigma that you can unlock in the next few days:

  • Win 3 games: Icon Master
  • Win 6 games: Emote legendary Sigma Master
  • Win 9 games: Model the legendary Sigma Master

These are the Twitch Drops, that you can unlock instead of watching the channels of the streaming platform with rewards enabled (assuming that you have correctly connected your account Activision Blizzard):

  • Watch for 2 hours: Spray Master Sigma
  • Watch for 4 hours Spray on the Violin Moira and Sitar Symmetra
  • Watch for 6 hours: Spray Bossa Nova LĂșcio, Guzheng Mei and Djembe of Orisa

Before I leave you to your movie that shows the action of the emote legendary event, we remind you that The Hero of Numbani, the first novel in the official Overwatch.