Chip maker Intel is going to remove from their range of processors Skylake-X Refresh for socket LGA2066. This became known from an official document.
It is reported that the processors finally be decommissioned on January 22, 2021. Up to this point, they can be ordered, and the last shipment is scheduled for July 9 next year.
The list of models looks like this:
  • Core i7-9800X
  • Core i9-9820X
  • Core i9-9900X
  • Core i9-9920X
  • Core i9-9940X
  • Core i9-9960X
  • Core i9-9980XE

Also for peace will send a number of Xeon CPU W-2100:

  • W-2102
  • W-2104
  • W-2123
  • W-2125
  • W-2133
  • W-2135
  • W-2145
  • W-2155
  • W-2195.
These chips are equipped with 4-18 cores and apply to server segment.
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