One of the most common problems in the games completely in the first person and in which it is possible to make cosmetic changes to the protagonist is that this can almost never be seen on the screen. However, it seems that Ubisoft has decided to change the cards on the table with Far Cry 6.

Here is as stated by the development team in the course of a recent interview:

“We wanted to improve the narrative as much as possible and, for this, we have introduced a series of new techniques never before seen in the series. One of these is the camera in third person during cutscenes, during which the player can see the protagonist with all the designs that he made, by observing the way in which it interacts with all the other characters.”

This is a very interesting item, and that will surely make the joy of many users. A similar statement shall also be understood that in game there will be a certain level of customization of your character, although it is not specified if there will be an editor of the protagonist or just the ability to change dress or little else (hairstyle, beard or makeup).

About elements of the game Ubisoft, did you know that Far Cry 6 will have multiple endings just like its predecessors?