To celebrate the arrival of Death Stranding on the PC, Nvidia has released a new video on their official channel on YouTube, to show users what are the advantages of the DLSS 2.0, a feature only available on the latest two generations of video cards, or the RTX.

In the movie at 4K resolution there is in fact shown the game in action on a machine that uses a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 with DLSS 2.0 active, compare the same configuration with this feature disabled. In the video it also shows the differences in the small details like the symbols on the asphalt or the textures of the objects on the shoulders of Sam Porter Bridge, which thanks to the power of the DLSS 2.0 are incredibly detailed.

Before I leave you to the interesting movie, we remind you that on our pages you can also find the analysis of the PC version of Death Stranding from the experts Digital Foundry, which they put under their magnifying glass effect DLSS 2.0.

If you are about to play the title to Kojima Productions on the PC, do not forget that are available from a few days, the video driver, the Nvidia optimized just for Death Straning and Horizon: Zero Dawn.