Today is arrived in Season 5 of Apex Legends the last of the missions in PvE, thanks to which the players not only were able to discover new information on the story and on the characters of the game, but also on those that could be the main content of the next update.

For, according to the most recent events, it was possible to discover that the parents of Loba have been killed by the Revenant on Olympus, a city of Psamathe. After this event, the character cyborg was teleported to Psamathe, where he found himself facing a version of the beat-up of Ash, who has returned to life, giving him the welcome to Olympus. The mission closes here, as a likely teaser for what we can expect in Season 6. So there are very few doubts on the fact that Ash, a character already known to anyone who has played TitanFall 2, is the next hero playable and that Olympus is the third map that will see the light in the battle royale of Respawn Entertainment.

At this point, there is nothing to do but wait for new information from the part of the developers, who will announce the next season with an official teaser in the next few weeks.

Did you know that Apex Legends will arrive soon on Steam and Switch with a lot of cross-play?