The great joker of Goichi “Suda51” Suda has struck again. The game designer continues to appear in the most unexpected without any prior notice to you, by showing excerpts of the gameplay of No More Heroes 3.

Last June 23, Suda51 spoke during the New Game+ Expo presenting the first video gameplay of No More Heroes 3, even if you can call it so would be an offense against all the real gameplay video. The movie is projected, in fact, was covered from the face to Sweat, which in the meantime sproloquiava on a subject completely disconnected from the game.

Yesterday evening, the designer appeared again without warning, more precisely during the credits of Devolver Digital Direct, when the camera frames while playing No More Heroes 3. The scene, however, lasts a very short time, so we settle for two measly seconds of gameplay with Travis standing motionless… at least this time it was not the face of Sweats to cover them!

You can admire it with you, when you want, in the video at the top of this news, but there are two other interesting things to note. In the short clip, No More Heroes 3 (which we recall was announced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch) – turns clearly on Windows, while Suda51 held in the hands of a controller for the Xbox 360: probably, this is a bulid for developers. We then discovered that, in the official video uploaded by the channel of Devolver Digital, this short scene was replaced by another scene, in which Suda51 is limited to showing thumb up (you can see a screenshot below). I wonder why! We greet you by reminding you that No More Heroes 3 is expected exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in the course of 2020.