It is still vivid in the memory of gamers, the announcement of the Horizon Forbidden the West for PS5, which occurred in the course of the rich show The Future of Gaming which aired last June 11.

If the return of Aloy was welcomed with so much enthusiasm, is not about only the images shown on screen, that they presented a new threat and new places to explore, but also the song accompanying it, entitled the Promise of the West, composed by Joris de Man, and enriched by the vocals of Julie Elven. Sony and Guerrilla Games are now pleased to announce that the track can be heard on the major streaming services on a subscription basis, from Apple’s Music on Spotify, and purchased on platforms such as Amazon Music and the iTunes Store.

  • Apple’s Music
  • the iTunes Store
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Music (purchase)
  • YouTube Music
  • Deezer
  • Tidal

Horizon Forbidden West, remember, is currently in development exclusively for the PlayStation 5, but is without a release date. Will continue the story from where we left it, with Aloy forced to travel west to face a new threat that endangers the survival of the last of the tribe. A few days ago, Guerrilla has illustrated the behavior of the new machines Sunwings.