The issue 35 of Weekly Jump will contain “new information about a certain Dragon Quest game“, this is the proclamation that is present in the number is currently on newsstands. But what will it be, exactly?

According to the japanese site GamesTalk there are several possibilities: the announcement of a new game in the series, Dragon Quest Monsters, new games, Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai (Tamashii no Kizuna, Xross Blade and Infinity Strash), the new Dragon Quest HD unveiled by a leak in the summer of 2019, and Dragon Quest XII or the remake of Dragon Quest IX.

With respect to Dragon Quest 12, this is certainly the case more interesting, even if in recent months, Yuji Horii has made it clear that it is still too early to start talking about DQ12, apparently still in the very early stages of pre-production.

It is not entirely clear if the ad will be a game that is already known or a title of the all-new, we’ll know more in August when the number 35 of the Weekly Jump will reach the newsstands, the japanese. And you, what are you expecting from this announcement? Please let us know in the space below dedicated to comments.