There are only two weeks to the final closure of the Mixer, the streaming platform by Microsoft that it had entered into agreements multi-millionaires with a streamer of success as a Ninja and Shroud. According to some clues, as highlighted by some of the users are particularly attentive, the good Ninja is reportedly preparing to debut on YouTube.

Someone has in fact noted like on the official channel YouTube of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has appeared for a direct test, a sign of the fact that the streamer would be performing a series of tests, to be ready for the next July 22, 2020, the day on which the Mixer will close its doors and will be free to submit their games Fortnite Real Battle anywhere she wants to. Of course, this clue does not imply that Ninja is in the pipeline on YouTube with its live and it is possible that in the course of the next few days the situation will evolve, since it is very likely that platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming will be possible to attract on their own shores, the famous character.

Waiting for Ninja to make a official announcement on the platform that will host it in the next few days, remember that there is still a great curiosity about the reasons that lie behind the permanent ban of Dr Disrespect from Twitch.