Just two weeks to the expected Xbox Games Showcase, the event for next-gen that should put us in front of the video game peak arrival on the Xbox Series X between exclusive first-party and the likely presence of securities third-party.

The expectations are skyrocketing, and is expected to Microsoft determined after a first event that could surely be managed better at the level of communication. Many people believe that this will be the perfect stage for real bombs and which bomb is better than the announcement of a major new acquisition for the Xbox Game Studios? Just this evening, back in fact in vogue a rumor is very interesting in which we told you about in mid-June.

Microsoft is pointing to the acquisition of the division of gaming, Warner Bros.? The rumor has been confirmed by a report of The Information that once again highlights how AT&T (the parent company of Warner Bros.) is considering a sale of the division.

The sale should not be imminent and would only be a possibility but that was enough to attract the interest of several giants. They speak in particular of Activision, EA, Take-Two, and for the fact Microsoft. An acquisition would allow the purchase of studies such as Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions, NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady Studios, TT Games and others.


Should definitely be noted that the acquisition of Warner Bros. Games would not necessarily be synonymous with the acquisition of the exploitation of large franchises such as, for example, Batman and Harry Potter. In these cases it will be necessary to negotiate agreements for the exploitation of the rights of the IP, and inevitably we would end up facing an additional expenditure potentially important.

It is assumed that the purchase of Warner Bros. Games is in need of about $4 billion. A significant amount, but that may decrease with the decision if not even eliminate the gap between the sub-fund first-party Microsoft and Sony?

On the 23rd of July will be the right day for this announcement bomb? What do you think?

Source: IGN.com