In a vintage that offers a period E3 is equally particular, the month of July continues to be a very hot month at the level of the ads between the event on Ubisoft’s and the promise of an appointment made in Microsoft dedicated to Xbox Series X. so much for the future but also the present of the universe of videogames is not to be certainly underestimated.

In this sense, July is a month full of outputs potentially very important from the exclusive that they definitely made the fortune and they are making the fortune of both the PS4 that Switch. On one hand we have a title that could prove to be the wonderful singing of the swan, the first-party Sony of this generation, a Ghost of Tsushima that since the first trailer had much to offer but they now have to prove their value on the controller. It will be the definitive consecration of Sucker Punch?

The large N, on the other hand, responds with two different productions but both the cult. Paper Mario: The Origami King marks the comeback of one of the series most popular mustachioed plumber while Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise transports us once again in the crazy universe that has for protagonist Francis York Morgan with a prequel/sequel to discover.

But the next 31 days, however, are very rich in goodies and projects to keep an eye on as the Grounded, the first effort from first-party Microsoft of Obsidian Entertainment, or Röki, a modern fairy tale created by the new team of two ex-Guerrilla Games, or even that Marvel’s Iron Man VR that for anyone who owns the PlayStation VR could prove to be an absolute must have.

This and much else between the outputs of the month of July!

1 July

  • SINoALICE (Mobile)
  • Trackmania (PC)

If that mix of genius and weirdness of Yoko Taro puts you in head to make a title mobile we can not wait for the exit with extreme curiosity. By joining forces with Square Enix and Pokelabo, the dad of If and island drakengard is getting ready to launch worldwide on iOS and Android, the RPG SINoALICE. A project that should propose a mix between the iconic characters of fairy tales best known in the world and the unmistakable style of Yoko Taro. In short, potentially a trip not to be missed.

Remake of the popular Trackmania Nations, Trackmania will transport the players into a campaign official seasonal daily selection of tracks, in addition to the new options of creation of the layout and competition of sailing even more accessible. a true reboot of the first chapter that you can discover in our review of Trackmania.

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3 July

  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR (PS4)
  • Remedy (PC)

Dress up in first person the role of Iron Man and his iconic armor is an experience that is potentially missed and do so, thanks to an immersive guaranteed by the virtual reality could be nothing short of exceptional for all those who have a viewer PlayStation VR. In this sense, Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a project that has the potential to turn into a sort of must-have and why not, the killer app for the viewer Sony. The appeal of the character is out of the question, and the conditions are definitely encouraging.

A project almost popped out of nothing by probing the intricacies of Steam. Remedy has drawn our attention to the visual style and some gameplay videos on the network by revealing to us an adventure with elements of puzzle-experience to the discovery of a dark and mysterious world hatched from an artistic style very well.

7 July

  • Catherine: Full Body (Switch)

Catherine: Full Body is an expanded and improved version of a game that was not of course a masterpiece on the whole of the line had met the favour of many with its particular mix of elements from the visual novel and puzzle game with a plot convoluted and mysterious that linked situations to the limit of the risqué to the supernatural. A second coming finally, on a Switch that you can discover in our review of Catherine: a Full Body version of the PS4.

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9 July

  • CrossCode (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)
  • Kingdom Majestic (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

It will probably not be well-known but CrossCode can be considered a real pearl of the universe PC that is ready to go to the conquest of the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. An action RPG that takes a full hands from the past, starting from the 16-bit graphics in the style of the SNES. But CrossCode not only wants to attract lovers of a certain style given graph, which aims to offer a complete package with a complex plot sci-fi and gameplay is strongly affected by the physics between puzzles and combat.

The franchise of the Kingdom is particularly appreciated for its gameplay based on the mechanical ultra-minimalist on the 3 buttons, the wonderful pixel art with which it is made, and an evocative soundtrack. Kingdom Majestic is the compilation of the final with all the content posted from the first launch, including “Kingdom New Lands” of 2016, followed in 2018 “Kingdom Two Crowns” and the most recent update of the “Dead Lands,” (the event crossover that adds characters and content inspired by the gothic horror action RPG Journals: Ritual of the Night.

10 July

  • Journals: Curse of the Moon 2 (PC, PS4, Switches, Xbox One)
  • Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise (Switch)
  • Elden: the Path of the Forgotten (PC, Switch)
  • F1 2020 (PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One)
  • NASCAR Heat 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Koji Igarashi and Inti Creates are ready to return to the scene of the crime following in the footsteps of Castlevania with a action from the strong style back to the base of the sword and whip but not only. An aesthetic dark in the style of 8-bit makes us assume the role of Ichigo, a swordsman from the far east that hatching a deep grudge against demons and the forces of history that have evoked. In the company of several other playable characters we’ll have to try to make our way inside the stronghold of the demon-also thanks to the co-op, local two player. This is Journals: Curse of the Moon 2.

The first Deadly Premonition was not of course a masterpiece and, above all, the side gameplay showed the side of not a few criticisms but you know, when a title becomes a cult you also pass over some defects more or less obvious. It is precisely for this cult status that Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise , became a reality and is coming exclusively on the Switch. A sort of prequel/sequel, which in this case takes us back to Boston today to follow a new investigation that involves the past and the present. An opportunity to discover the inquiries of the agents, Davis and Jones, but above all to find the iconic Special Agent York, that Francis York Morgan, who has been able to involve and fascinate many players.

Following in the footsteps of Dark Souls and project indie as Salt & Sanctuary, and Titan Souls, Elden: the Path of the Forgotten puts us in front of a devastated land by controlling Elden, a guy who is ready to do anything to save her mother from the horrors of the archaic and unfathomable. An action adventure in between brutal fights and spells, the mystic asks us to walk in the ways of the mysterious Trail Forgotten.

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If you are a fan of four-wheel, especially Formula 1 and you have always dreamed of creating your very own team to challenge the most renowned of the competition, F1 2020 is undoubtedly the game for you with lots of content, classic and novelty not to be missed. This is all in a special edition that celebrates the iconic Michael Schumacher. All the details in our test of F1 2020.

But the surprises for fans of the engines don’t end up here thanks to a day of very rich, which continues with the NASCAR Heat 5, the official game of the NASCAR Cup Series with all the teams, drivers and official cars of the NASCAR National Series, but also of the Xtreme Dirt Tour.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris is the new title taken from one of the anime most loved by fans around the world. The structure of the gameplay of this title is basically on action game with equipment and the calculation of the damage to the base of the combat system. A JRPG where the story is set in the saga Alicization, and would seem to be connected to the strand that the counterparty animated is bringing forward. The players, through the Underworld, will even be able to explore places never seen before in the series as Mildnea Plains and Vizeah Valley.

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July 14

  • Death Stranding (PC)
  • Rocket Arena (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (PC, Switch)

Death Stranding is ready to debut on any PC (8 November 2019 had made her debut as an exclusive temporal PS4) and transports us into a mysterious universe to explore and discover on a journey to reconnect the United States of America after a cataclysmic event that continues to have a heavy impact on the game world. This is the first effort post-Konami’s iconic Hideo Kojima, a title that has divided and made people discuss and that can now be explored far and wide, even on PC. You can find all the details in our proof of Death Stranding in the PC version.

Presented a surprise in the course of the last EA Play, Rocket Arena is a shooter game cross-play hero arena in which players and teams must master the art of the rocket through a series of different heroes, styles of play and customizable missions that are highly competitive. Set in the vibrant World of Crater, Rocket Arena introduces new mechanisms of explosion and recovery, powerful launchers of rockets that can be used in combat or to move the heroes on the map and different character abilities to create a new shooter experience. The game will present regular seasonal events-rich free content, like new heroes, maps, and initiatives within the game. A project to keep an eye on? Find out in our test of Rocket Arena.

Whether you call it Harvest Moon or it is called Story of Seasons, the experience of the game always remains quite clear: to live in a virtual world, dealing with to cultivate their land and manage their own farm but also to create friendships, loves and jump in the esplorazone of the game world. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town promises exactly this, and fans of the franchise will wait for the title with a lot of enthusiasm.

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17 July

  • Drake Hollow (PC, Xbox One)
  • Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)
  • Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

A little city builder, and a little action with elements from tower defence, Drake Hollow is the new curious project created by the creators of The Flame in the Flood, the boys of the Molasses Flood. Also working with a group of friends can try to defend the villages of particular creatures peaceful reminiscent of the plant from the attacks of wild creatures and lethal up to the construction of the perfect village, exploring the game world, collecting resources, and of course when the hands.

It is very likely the most important of the month and at least of the surprises of the last big exclusive coming to the PS4 after the masterpiece The Last of Us: Part II. An action adventure open-world that he wants to propose a combat with bayonets very particular, mixed with the stages of the stealth classic and an exploration of who wants to go beyond the usual clichés of the genre. Ghost of Tsushima , we will assume the role of Jin and Sakai, a samurai struggling with the mongol invasion, and to save their land must also learn to go beyond the teachings he grew up to embrace once and for all, the figure of the legendary Spectrum. To kill time, don’t miss our preview of Ghost of Tsushima.

After up-rooted from the foundations of the castle of Princess Peach, the evil King Olly plot to bend the world to his will in Paper Mario: The Origami King, the great return of one of the mini-series related to Mario more appreciated by the fans. A return which apparently will also go beyond the classical setting of the previous chapters, embracing what is called a true open world. Also the combat system promises increased dynamism in order to further improve a formula for a game that is already very much appreciated.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus seems to have been created to satisfy all those who think that the universe of Warhammer 40K is wonderful, and very detailed, but also needs to be explored in many more genres, scenarios and angles. Especially in the universe of videogames. After the launch on the PC, the title in question makes its debut on console with its gameplay from turn-based tactical not to mention a number of surprises and variations both from the point of view of the narrative and the lore that in regards to gameplay. A story that revolves around the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Tech Priest, the priests of the Cult of the Machine, the fascinating religion that promotes the worship of the technology and its god, the Omnissiah. A game definitely to keep an eye on of which we have spoken in our review of Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus in the PC version.

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21 July

  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break (PC, PS4, Ruler, Switch, Xbox One)

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break wants to be an unprecedented mix that combines the style of tower defence to the rapid demolition of the arcade and through a rock driveable. The action is supported by exciting historical reminiscences that meander through the countryside imaginative and peculiar mode of the game. With the debut of the first creator of levels in the series, Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break allows players to create and share their dreams and experiences, while addressing challenges created by other players of the community. A series undoubtedly strange, which, however, has found several supporters, and that we now could close a trilogy with the project much more ambitious.

23 July

  • Bounty Battle (PC, PS4, Switches, Xbox One)
  • Dying Light and Hellraid (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Rogue Legacy 2 (PC)
  • Röki (PC)

Imagine a Super Smash Bros. but chock-full exclusively of characters from the universe of indie. Bounty Battle is, in short, exactly this, a clear homage to the series Nintendo very enjoyable especially in the company and in the multiplayer game that combines the characters from the universe of Guacamelee!, Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells, Owlboy, Storm’s Gambit, Jotun, and many others. 30 characters, 16 arenas, and several modes and a graphic style that’s colorful and good quality outline what maybe could be only labelled as a clone, but that still seems to show the potential pretty good.

Those of you who remember Hellraid? A first-person action quite interesting that in some ways seemed to be a Dead Island sauce fantasy/medieval that it disappeared in the nothing for years? Well, in the day today that Hellraid is back under a guise rather unexpected. Dying Light, Hellraid is the new DLC for the popular Dying Light, an interesting variation on the theme that put us in front of a cab arcade, which is actually a protale to another world. A narrative tactic which is the perfect excuse to see up close what we could expect from Hellraid full.

If the genre roguelike/roguelite has become one of the most popular and played of the panorama indie much credit goes to a name that is now extremely well known among enthusiasts: Rogue Legacy. In some ways a sequel was practically inevitable, and in fact the Early Access of Steam is ready to welcome Rogue Legacy 2! We will be once again the brave adventurers in a world that is procedurally generated in which each death will make the knowledge of an heir of our hero’s previous that has skills and traits that are unique and unique in both in a positive and in a negative way. The sequel promises a graphic style that heavily revised, many more unique weapons, a soul metroidvania, most pronounced, and many more traits and perks unique and a lot of improvements, starting from the presence of biomes much more varied and complex. A more of the same mammoth.

When two ex-Guerrilla Games decided to give life to a study of the indies to draw projects to the most intimate and characteristic that we can not be intrigued, especially if the result seems promising as this Röki. A tale dark and contemporary, supported by a narrative moving, art style, charming, ancient puzzles, and exploration-rich atmosphere. Join Tove in a fantastic journey to save her family across the world, hidden and long forgotten folklore, full of strange places and even creatures that should not exist but that there is. Come with us to explore this curious world in the test Röki.

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28 July

  • Destroy All Humans! (PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One)
  • Grounded (PC, Xbox One)
  • Othercide (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Skater XL (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Direct from 2005, the diabolical alien Cryptosporidium is quite ready for a return in full regalia to allow once again the race Were to conquer and govern the Earth by completing various missions, one wilder than the other. Destroy All Humans! back in a remake that could do the gorge to old and new fans looking for a strange game, and that doesn’t take itself absolutely seriously, but is able to give so much carefree fun and unpretentious.

By the new acquisitions of Microsoft is expected to inevitably much, but the feeling that the first projects born from the new entry of the Xbox Game Studios are the titles “minor” is pretty obvious. Grounded able to shake off this feeling? Obsidian Entertainment abandons the comfort zone of RPG, pure, an adventure to live, either solo or with friends that comes with the decision to the universe’s survival. The debut in Early Access, we ask you to explore and survive in a world much more dangerous now that we’ve been shrunken to the size of an ant. The first tests with the hand will surely tell us more about the first effort from first-party developers of The Outer Worlds.

“XCOM meets Dark Souls” is certainly a definition intriguing but that could prove to be a double-edged sword for the promising (especially artistically) Othercide. Inside of a dark and gloomy world of monochrome we are in for what is in effect a strategic shift that meets the horror and that will require us to transform us into the last bulwark against the real and true creatures of nightmare. The promise of a narrative, curated and lore to be discovered they add an interesting twist on the paper very interesting.

It seems like a period, absolutely unmissable for all the lovers of the skate with a lot of the announced projects all-in-all a very short distance. Beyond the famous names and iconic, there are also projects that are more contained, but certainly not to be underestimated. Among them, one Skater XL , which in its time in Early Access has got a lot of acclaim and that is preparing for the launch of the full version with the expectations to the stars.

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30 July

  • Fairy Tail (PC, PS4, Switch)
  • Fight Crab (PC)
  • Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple (PS4)

In Fairy Tail, players can manage a dream team of five characters from a list of over 15 playable characters as you venture in the Kingdom of Fiore, in the course of their quest to become the guild number 1. As the characters fight together, their bonds are strengthened gradually and to increase their level of friendship, it will unlock conversations special, including the original dialogues written specially for the game, and the stronger bonds will also have an impact on the gameplay with, for example, attacks enhanced.

In the universe of videogames, we were often faced with a lot of books bizarre, but probably almost anyone could be said to be ready to such a project. Fight Crab is a fighting game to say the least, bizarre that sees as protagonists lobsters and crabs that if you give it a thrashing. Perhaps the strangest thing are not even their gigantic dimensions, as if we were catapulted into a film of the kaiju, but the fact that they use weapons that attack with their massive claws between katanas, chainsaws and not only. In short, that type of trash is absurd that it could become a cult classic.

The information is for the moment a rather narrow but fans of Nioh cannot but rejoice in view of the launch of a DLC that surely will introduce new deadly boss, new guardian Spirits, new weapons and armor, but also new skills. A complete package this Nioh 2: The Tengu”s Disciple that will take us to Yashima in the footsteps of a famous and gigantic battle.

TBA July

  • The Maid of Sker (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

While the exact date still remains a mystery after a few delays, fortunately the nature of the project has taken features much more clear after the gameplay trailer will be shown on the occasion of the Future Games Show. Maid of Sker is a survival horror game that is inspired by the folklore welsh and proposes a number of mechanical related purely to the sound from the instrument of defence the prince of the work, a kind of emitter that can stun enemies, blind but hearing the finest that try to get us to the skin, the Quiet Man. A mechanical with a sub-fund of vision in a quite location wants to dive into a horror atmosphere that is inspired by, among others, to the good of the SOMA Frictional Games (Amnesia).

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We arrived at the end of our traditional appointment with the outputs of the month. Is there any title that you purchase surely? Some games that will still elicit doubt or the other so wait for a price drop or the first reviews? Please let us know in the comments and, as always, we’ll meet again in a month’s time, with the outputs of August.