According to media reports, the premiere of the third part “Curse” with high probability it will take for 2021.
According to sources Deadline4 July, a meeting of representatives of different studios that will decide the fate of the next film premieres. All this panic is associated with a new coronavirus outbreaks in the United States — on their background the Governor of California promised to strengthen the security measures relating to the pandemic.
And many are beginning to suspect that the opening of cinemas would have to leave as future films in their repertoire. In particular, it is expected that the premiere of August moved into September.
On the background of this story and news about a possible relocation of the “Curse of 3”. Warner Bros. unwilling to risk a clash with the representative of their major franchises with the conventional “Argument” (if it takes).
As a result, the picture can move to 2021 — originally it was going to release on 10 September this year.
Director of the triquel with the subtitle “the will of the devil” acts Michael Chavez (“the Curse of the weeping”), and the plot tells about the next thing ed and Lorraine of Warren, when a suspect in the murder of a man referred to demon possession.
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