Is not a secret of the fact that the level of the sea in Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is intended to shorten more and more and allow the emergence of new areas of the map. However, it seems that someone has managed to get their hands on a picture that shows how will be the map between Season 3 and Season 4.

Some users claim that, for pure error, the version PlayStation 4 of the battle royale has shown that this will be the map in its final version. Giving a look to the image that you find in the tweets at the bottom of the news, it is possible to see how the island will be very similar to what it once was, with the area to the south-west fully emerged. Looking closely at the screenshot you can also notice that instead of the old Shark now there is a mysterious area that, according to many fans, is no other than Atlantis, the den of Aquaman. There is also enough space to add several new points of interest, some of which may remain temporarily empty and only get with the Season 4.

Waiting for it to happen in the game the first lowering of the sea level (it seems in a matter of hours), we remember that with the update of yesterday was introduced, the Reload function V-Buck in Fortnite, which is currently available only for the Italian players.