It is today at 18h that Crysis Remastered will deliver its first trailer of gameplay (which was unfortunately leaked yesterday in a quality far from being optimal) : the first adventure of the saga, released in 2007, was known as one of the most beautiful ever designed in the history of the video game and the fans are obviously eager to see the redesign in the latest version of the CryEngine.

In the meantime this first made it official, the “chief technology officer” of Saber Interactive, Anton Krupkin told in the columns of the PlayStation Magazine : his statements therefore only concern the version PS4, as you might expect (and, mainly, the Pro), but they are no less very interesting.

Crysis Remastered will run at least in 1440p and 30FPS, but can reach a 4K dynamic : in performance mode (editor’s NOTE : one can imagine at 60FPS, so), it will run in 1080p on PS4, Pro.

As for the PS4, “normal”, Crysis Remastered will guarantee thirty frames per second for a resolution that is yet to be defined but are assumed to be in 1080p. Krupkin said that the gameplay will remain intact for the benefit of the visual technique, for the blow greatly enhanced with a ton of features various and varied.

Finally, when the magazine asked the developer if a PlayStation version 5 is to be expected, Krupkin said, “that, like most other developers,” he and his team are “studying the PS5 close”. A teasing for a grind-next-gen ? It is likely, and to tell the truth, maybe it will be more suited to the power of the engine as the renowned German firm. Well, we’ll see.

Crysis Remastered would be expected for on July 23 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, but this date has been leaked on the Microsoft Store, it still needs to be confirmed by the developers themselves. All of this should be clarified by the end of the afternoon.

Crysis Remastered