Asobo Studio has released a short video to thank the community for the success of A Plague That Innocence, the game that has reached and surpassed the milestone of one million copies sold all over the world.

A Plague That has received a warm reception from critics and the public, carrying the earnings of Focus Home Interactive together with GreedFall, one of the new IP’s most popular publisher French. Asobo he wanted to thank the editor, all members of the development team and the players that have allowed To Plague This to reach these sales volumes, not discounted for a project, AA not belonging to a great franchise.

After the success of A Plague That Innocence, the collaboration between Asobo and Focus Home will continue, with developers already at work on a new project yet to be announce… that may be right To Plague This Innocence 2? Asobo is working with Microsoft development of Flight Simulator, and it is said that the house of Redmond is interested in the purchase of the study, items which at the moment are not, however, feedback of any kind. In any case, Asobo, it now enjoys the success of A Plague, That before announcing the next steps of the group.