The site mexican Xataka has recently had the opportunity to speak with Jason Ronald, partner director of program management at Microsoft. They took the opportunity to ask him about the Xbox Series, a console that the american manufacturer has designed up with the developers and the players in mind clearly. “It is beyond the scope of the figures that we can communicate or not,” he says about the SSD of the machine. We will strive to maximize the experience of the developers so that they are able to offer the best games possible, instead of running after records. We have always talked about consistent performance and long-lasting.”

“We could very well use a variable frequency,” he adds, referring to the GPU of the Xbox Series X. The reality is that the developers would struggle to optimize their games, even if it would have enabled us to have more teraflops than it currently is, for example. You know, this is not the most important. Essentially, these are the experiences that developers are able to create for the players.”

We remind you that the next month, Microsoft should put the packet in an event that will revolve around the upcoming exclusives Xbox. Halo Infinite figure of course at the top of the list, but it is also hoped to catch a glimpse of the projects that you are working with Playground Games and, most importantly, The Initiative. Based in Santa Monica, this latest account in its ranks many veterans of the industry who created GOD OF WAR, Red Dead Redemption 2, or even The Last of Us 2.