Only a little while ago we talked about the intensification of the rumor about the Xbox Series S/Lockhart, the younger sister of the Xbox Series X according to the latest report it will be officially announced in the month of August.

In fact, the console is not even official but the rumors are more or less authoritative, which confirm the existence are now lots of in recent times, one of the most active ones is undoubtedly Tom Warren of The Verge. Warren says for a long time, the existence of this console is less powerful that gets in between your Xbox One X Xbox Series X with a price obviously lower than the latter and is also convinced that it is a very apt part of a Microsoft that this would be a next-gen consoles are potentially much less expensive than PS5.

But the doubts in respect of this console are numerous. The question that many are asking is: Xbox Series S will not be a burden for the next-gen by Microsoft? Your Warren has decided to respond via Twitter:

“To the people who say that Lockhart will brake on the next-gen:

  • The CPU Lockhart is faster than that of the PS5
  • Lockhart supports the ray tracing
  • Developers realize PC titles for the GPU, different decades”

to the ?Lockhart will hold back next-gen? crowd:

? Lockhart CPU is faster than PS5
? Lockhart supports raytracing
? Game developers have been building PC titles for multiple GPUs for… decades


— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) June 29, 2020

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Warren seems so convinced that the Xbox Series S/Lockhart will have certainly a negative impact on the next-gen. Of course only time will tell and we will tell you if this console actually exists or not. What do you think? Do you agree with Warren?

Source: WccfTech