On the PC, iOS and Android, the release of the add-on “Mr. Mirror” for “QUINTA”. Simultaneously, the CCG has received a major update 7.0 that, in addition to over 70 new cards, presented in a fresh DLC, includes many changes.
Network mode “Classic” was renamed “Normal mode” and the game menu is altered, to make it easier to understand the different modes. For example, now when you select mode, you can read a description and see the time to completion or the start of the season.
In addition, in the game, new contracts associated with the mechanics presented in addition “Mr. Mirror”, and on page Chrysolina year of the book awards there are two new tree from the DLC.
Finally, the developers have made changes to the balance of neutral cards and cards from all factions, and also changed their abilities and keywords. Full list of changes can be found on the link.
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