According to a patent filed recently by the Sony Corporation, the japanese company is reportedly planning a potential system to show advertisements on the display, the PlayStation VR. How? Let’s find out together.

The patent filed on the 25th June last assumed the possibility to display advertising content at the edge of the screen, so outside of the actual projection window of the games. The image published at the bottom is very clear about it, it is difficult, however, to understand what it is exactly since in such a small space is not easy to transmit video. There may be, therefore, banner ads or in-app purchases that are reminiscent of the PlayStation Store?

Of course, it is said that this system is destined to see the light, for the moment it is an idea patented, but we do not know if Sony will put this idea in practice or not. In recent years there have emerged many patents of PlayStation VR 2, the company has never announced a successor to its viewer for Virtual Reality, but merely to reiterate that the model in the business will work correctly also on PlayStation 5, without the need to buy a new device VR.