Nintendo, like many other actors of the industry, has been influenced in various ways by the pandemic of COVID-19. For example, the 2020 was a year that so far has not seen a single classic Nintendo Direct (by removing the Mini Direct a couple of months ago, and one focused entirely on Animal Crossing), and some reports suggest that it was the result of the difficulty of Nintendo to adapt to working from home.

Speaking recently during a question and answer session with investors (via the VGC), the president of Nintendo, Close Furukawa, has discussed the Direct and the plans for the future. After observing that Direct are an “incredibly effective” and make new ads, revealed that Nintendo remains always open to new and better ways to convey information to the customers.

“We believe that the Nintendo Direct are incredibly effective to present the information directly to our customers in a very direct way,” said Furukawa. “But times change and one must look for the most effective way to promote the products, and then there is the possibility of encountering a new and improved manner to present this information. We always like to examine all the possible ways to communicate this information to customers”.


He added that, in normal circumstances, Nintendo would now be spoken of the announcements of E3, but because of the pandemic, the company currently has no scheduled plans for a Direct in a short time. Instead, they are thinking in “new ways” to make announcements, referring to the recent reveal of Super Smash Bros., Ultimate, and Pokemon.

“Normally, we show the games presented at E3 to our shareholders,” he said. “However, due to the Coronavirus, E3, as well as other large events, have been cancelled for the time being and we do not plan to organise events of this type”.

“Instead, we are trying to be flexible in thinking about new ways to present information about our products, so please stay tuned. We recently announced a new fighter for Super Smash Bros., Ultimate, in addition to announcing a new game of Pokémon, The Pokémon Company.”

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Source: Gamingbolt.