During a recent meeting with shareholders, Capcom has confirmed as currently there are no plans to bring Monster Hunter World on the Nintendo Switch, however the house of Osaka seems to have planned something new for the owners of the Switch.

The company does know that a new adventure “aimed at an audience of school-aged children” is in phase of study, there are currently no plans precise about but Capcom seems to be interested in developing a new adventure for the Switches dedicated to the boys of the secondary schools, raising the target compared to the Monster Hunter Stories for the 3DS, mainly dedicated to the young.

The declaration of Capcom is, however, very smoky and it is not clear what is meant with a game dedicated to the boys of the secondary schools, if we think that the episodes come out on the PSP had been a huge success at the target indicated, that today represents a good slice of the users of the Switch in Japan.

We just have to wait for more clarification about, remembering in each case as at the moment there is still nothing certain, the development of this project, the mysterious seems not to be in the party and all is in the phase of evaluation on the part of the publisher.