As promised by Capcom, the update 4 of Monster Huner the World Iceborne will arrive in July and will bring with it the introduction in the game of a new and powerful creature: theAlatreon.

To present the colossal living being, the development team has chosen to publish a trailer entirely dedicated, presents us with the incredible power and majesty of the’Alatreon. Available directly in the opening to this news, the video also confirms that this will be the date of the debut of the creature in the game. The appointment is fixed for the next 9 July, the day that occasion, will debut theUpdate 4 of the Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

The content offered by the new update have not yet been made known in detail by Capacom, but soon Hunters and Hunters will be able to learn all the information related to it. A Developer Diary dedicated to the update will in fact be streamed in date Wednesday, July 3, at 14:00 of Italian time. At the same time, the authors of the game have announced that from Tuesday, July 8, the Quest Event will return to the usual formula of the rotation.

In closing, we remind you that now the updates of Monster Hunter World come out simultaneously on all platforms. Unless otherwise indicated, therefore, also the Update 4 of the game will arrive simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.