Monster Hunter has become a franchise is extremely important to Capcom in the last ten years and, with the Monster Hunter World in 2018, it has become even more. At the beginning, the series has found its success on the PSP with more chapters, continued to attract audiences on the 3DS. After the launch of World, however, it seems that Capcom is ready to focus on the console market, but this could mean that there is no hope for another output for portable devices.

In reality, things would be different. During a recent Q&A with investors, Capcom has stated that it actually plans to develop a new game in the series for a younger audience, in particular students of middle and high schools”. The company has also said that they have plans to bring Monster Hunter World on the Switch.

“Currently, we are not planning to bring Monster Hunter World on the Nintendo Switch,” said the company. “We are planning to develop a Monster Hunter that can be enjoyed by the students of middle and high schools.”


In January 2018, Capcom said that Monster Hunter World could not be run on the Switch, and that they had planned to develop other games in the series specifically for the system. So far, they have released Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on Switch, an expansion in the HD of a game for the 3DS.

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Source: Gamingbolt.