In their latest video analysis, the guys at Digital Foundry have put under their magnifying glass in the scenes of gameplay to see in the reveal trailer of the Horizon Forbidden the West on PS5 to find out how it has evolved the graphics engine Guerrilla Games.

Taking the lengths of the gameplay captured in the video of the announcement of the sequel to nextgen of Horizon Zero Dawn, the famous “technical features” are reflected on the numerous changes made by the developers to the Dutch to take on the PlayStation 5 their graphics engine, the Tenth Engine.

As rightly pointed out by DF in the video analysis that you find at the beginning of the article, in the first trailer of the Forbidden West, we note a net increase in the level of detail of the texture and mesh with respect to the latest project driven by the Tenth Engine, or Death Stranding. Always in the video of the announcement of the new sci-fi adventure of Aloy , it is possible to observe the effects of lighting much more evolved, of the environments more rich in details (especially with regard to the density of the foliage), shadows are much more sharp and the effects volmetrici which Digital Foundry describes as “absolutely extraordinary”.

Before I leave you the new video for depth of DF, we refer to this article and the latest declarations of the summits of the Guerrilla to secure the release of the Horizon Forbidden the West in 2021 on the PS5.