Discovered a new glitch of Fortnite Chapter 2 that allows you to rapidly improve your weapons, gaining time in the battle. This is an exploit which will probably be soon fixed by Epic Games, given the already numerous complaints of the community, especially with regards to the advantages in the competitive.

As is known, Fortnite is easy to take a file of assault from common to uncommon, while the more difficult it is to epic to legendary, however a glitch removes any kind of difference between the weapons, making their fire for the top level.

How does it work? You just need to have in their inventory a weapon of a common type in addition to the strengthening, as well as material for both upgrades, you upgrade the weapon the town and quickly change the weapon at the exact moment in which the expansion is completed, in this way, the second mouth from the fire will become orange and will be enhanced instantly.

At the time of the glitch seems to work on all platforms but not on Android and iOS, where it is not tested. Clearly Epic Games will work soon to resolve the problem, releasing a small hotfix, it is not excluded that the glitch can be completely solved already by the end of the week.