In the course of the month of may, the final text of the Decree to Relaunch confirmed the willingness of the Government to establish the First Playable Fund, or a fund aimed to support the gaming industry by the Italian.

In particular, the rules related to it had a budget estimated at 10 million euros, to be allocated to the sinking fund in favour of the pre-production of video games by companies of the Boot. The measure was part of the framework of a wider focus on support to new start-ups. The subsequent parliamentary discussion had, however, seen the emergence of some conflicts related to the establishment of the First Playable Fund, as manifested in particular in the formulation of theamendment to the Cupboard.

Directly fromIIDEA (Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association) come, however, now good news for the sector, with the communication that theamendment has been reworded in a way that safeguards the fund PUT First Playable Funds. “IIDEA – it said in a statement entrusted by the association to its social channels – expressed satisfaction for the positive outcome, and grateful to the parliamentary groups of the majority, and in particular On. Marianna Madia, for having expressed a unanimous recognition of the strategic value of our industry through the reformulation of the amendment in question”. “The Association continues, IIDEA – is ready to support the PUT on the implementation and promotion of the fund: the objective is that the measurement becomes a useful tool and success. […]”.