In an interview with Games Radar+ Danny Trejo was dismantled several known deaths of their characters on the screen.
As it turned out, Trejo became a champion by cinemart — Yes, surpassing even the well-known Sean bean. Just on account of the first 65 versions of “death”, the first of which occurred in 1987 in the tape “death wish 4” — where his character was killed by an “explosive” bottles of wine.
According to Trejo, Charles Bronson, starring in the film series, was one of the nicest people in life.
I love Charles Bronson. He always was a real man. Scruffy life and cool in his films, and he was one of my favorite actors.
Danny Trejo
During filming, Bronson stopped the process, noting the ice in the glass of water which he pours the hero Trejo in the face — to inadvertently strike the last injury. And then he slightly cheated Trejo, spilling the water a little ahead of time, to achieve a natural reaction.
It turned out perfectly. With one double. I even have a costume left!
Danny Trejo
Another striking example was the death of Tortuga from “breaking bad”, but rather a cut scene with the character’s head on a turtle.
Trejo said that one of the reasons why he agreed to participate, was an unusual idea of the scene — and the fact that no other actor ever did.
On the establishment of a special face mask took a lot of time, but the result turned out excellent. Besides all like this episode that the actor eventually called for a separate flashback.
Another striking example was the moment of “Fight” Michael Mann, where Trejo was able to play in a scene with Robert De Niro.
Trejo said that the scene he loves, but he wouldn’t show it to their relatives — too real happened the final result.
Another example is a scene from “Predators”, where his character is killed behind the scenes.
Trejo was pleased with the movie, it gave him only a week — because he starred in “Machete” from Robert Rodriguez.
In addition, the actor has mentioned the scene from “Air prison” and “the Ridiculous six”, and finally told me that his most still know voice of the monkey from “Dora” and “Children of spies”.
In such cases, I immediately see that parents and children watch movies together.
Guys always shout: “Children of spies! Uncle Machete!”
Danny Trejo
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