The announcement of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was met with extreme enthusiasm by all the players, but to resist until the output – scheduled for 2 October on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X – will not be at all easy.

In an attempt to make the wait more pleasant, we thought to rediscover the origins of the series and its characters. Therefore, after having presented the special on the history of Neo Cortex, today we turn our attention to the undisputed protagonist of the saga, that marsupial orange with us for almost a quarter of a century!

The tireless Crash leads an existence crazy, that is dedicated to the preservation of the Earth and to the feast of fruits Wumpa. Naughty Dog has also created with the aim of giving a mascot to the Sony PlayStation, a rival to the Mario of Nintendo or Sonic to SEGA. The inspiration did not come only from the bandicoots, but also from the gilbert and vomati. Not surprisingly, for a long time was called “Willie the Wombat, because you couldn’t find a suitable name.

This, however, is only the beginning of the story of the Crash. If you want to find out the rest, then you can choose between the video attachment in the opening of the news and the special on the history of Crash Bandicoot that you can find among our pages!