Through a rich update on the progress of the development of the game, the team of Blizzard has discussed many aspects of the new chapter of the Diablo series.

Among the latter, particular attention has been given to the new open world that will characterize the world of the game. The team is said to be particularly pleased with the star by assembling an experience that fans will be able to approach in the way they want, focusing on the main campaign, or delighting in secondary activities. Among the latter, specific to Blizzard, there are different possibilities, ranging from exploration to missions and optional PvP.

A mechanical one is particularly dear to the development team of Diablo 4, you specific, is also one of the “Fields“. With this term we indicate the location of particular relief to which hostile creatures have taken control: once released, these areas welcome you inside of the NPC. Each Field will have it’s own story, which is told mostly through visual elements. For example, Blizzard has sued a city, the victim of a curse that turns the inhabitants in a conference, or a crypt in which a spirit can take control of several undead. You are intrigued by this mechanic?

In closing, we point out that Blizzard has at the same time presented different information about storytelling and multiplayer in Diablo 4.