Today, the leaders of Microsoft have never confirmed the existence of an Xbox Lokhart, code name with which rumors, and rumors you refer to, from time to a second console that is destined to compose the offer next gen of the House of Redmond.

The mysterious hardware is back recently the protagonist of some rumor, which he refers to as Xbox Lokhart is still in the program. To throw further fuel on the bonfire of the curiosity gaming is now helping the preparation of the VGC, who report having learned information by viewing the documentation distributed to the developers. Within the latter, there were references own a Xbox Lockhart, the entry level version and cheaper than the Xbox Series X.

Reportedly, the Xbox Lockhart should support several features have already been confirmed for the “older sister”: among these are explicitly mentioned the support of the backward compatibility and the feature of Smart Delivery. Developers, continue VGC, aim to support both the Xbox Series X is Xbox Lockhart, with an approach similar to that up to now adopted in respect of the Xbox One’s and Xbox One X or the Sony, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro.

At the time, remember, there is no official confirmation on the actual existence of the Xbox Lockhart in the plans of Microsoft.