Now to years away from his explosive debut on the mobile market, Pokémon GO remains a phenomenon of extraordinary success, able to attract upon himself the attention of an incredible number of fans.

Among the latter, it should be certainly mentioned mr. Chen San Yuan, citizens of Taiwan from the age of 70 years. In the course of the summer of 2019, in fact, the player had given life to a strategy of capturing a Pokémon are decidedly peculiar. Equipped with 45 smartphone with which to play Pokémon GO at the same time, the creative lord dedicated himself with passion to the hunt for the creatures Game Freak at the edge of a practice bike.

The action of Chen San Yuan had even earned the support of Asus, which had appointed the man an ambassador of the brand, guaranteeing the supply of the necessary hardware. Now, however, the structure created by the player was the protagonist of a real evolution. 45 smartphone, in fact, we have now arrived at the use of well 64 the smartphone mounted on his two wheels and designed to be used at the same time, so as not to miss any Poket Monster.

An incredible structure that allows the lord to taiwan to devote himself with passion to the Pokémon GO, where, he recounted in the course of his first interviews, he learned the existence of thanks to your nephew.