The latest updates from the house of Blizzard, had presented many details on the classes in Diablo game IV: now, more information involving different aspects of production.

Through an update published on their official website, the software house first of all presents the approach adopted by the team vis-à-vis the narrative in this chapter of the series. One of the elements that the developers have chosen to dedicate their attention, there is a realization most dynamic of the dialogues between the characters.

These will be made through movement of the room and the use of animations: the level of detail will increase with the grow of importance of the represented scene. Not only that, but Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo IV will be able to count on the presence of cut-scenes in real-time. Confidential to the principal moments of the adventure, show the protagonist wear your gear and keep the graphics settings chosen by the player. Some sample images can be viewed at the bottom of this news.

News of the multiplayer, with the Blizzard that highlights the different approaches adopted in order to avoid making Diablo IV a kind of world “too crowded”. The Dungeon and the key moments of the narrative will always be private, with restricted access to the player and their party. Once you have completed the main story in a given area, it will be possible to run occasionally on other users. Finally, you will be able to meet the gathering broader areas in which they are taking place special events: here players can join forces to face a horde of cannibals or a demonic boss, such as, for example, the Ashava, shown during the Demo of Diablo IV Blizzcon 2019.