There is a new team eSports ready to compete at the highest level: this is the Guild eSports, a company founded by former English footballer David Beckham , who after a great success on the fields all over the world is now ready to engage in competitions, virtual, albeit indirectly.

Guild eSports will be based in London, at the moment, the team will mainly be dedicated to Fortnite but are already also on the program team for Rocket League and EA Sports FIFA, with the aim in any case to dedicate time and resources to the production competitive and successful arrival in the coming months.

David Beckham will in the first person to recruit new talent for the Guild eSports and follow them in a hog to personal and professional growth. Beckham says he was very impressed by the dedication of the professionals of eSports, not too dissimilar from the one that has seen for years in the world of football, from here a new and important stimulus to take under his wing the young guys in search of advice to give always the best.

At the moment the team Guild eSports is not yet active in competitions and will participate in tournaments from next autumn, or in the management of the team, but we also find Carleton Curtis, an executive with important roles in the creation of the Overwatch and League of Call of Duty World League, as well as of the Red Bull eSports.