While it is more near for the appointment of July with games in development at Xbox Game Studios, return to circulate rumors, and rumors on the possible existence of Xbox Lockheart.

Now, with this code name for the community video game indicates a second version of the console next gen proposal from Microsoft. The latter, with less power and a fraction of the price, it should be designed for gaming use in the mode, only digital. In spite of you continue chasing speculation on the topic, at the moment has not come from the House of Redmond any kind of official confirmation on the existence of the hardware.

Now, to arouse again attention to is the sighting made by a Security Researcher active on Twitter as “TitleOS“. As you can see in the bottom of the news, the latter refers to have spotted references to the Xbox Lokhart within the notes to the Microsoft Game Development Kit published in June 2020. To bring the reporting is also the editorial staff of Windows Central, who claims to have verified the authenticity of the screenshot. But not only that: the latter says, in fact, have received confirmations from developers who are optimizing productions for the mysterious Xbox Lockhart.

Of course, we invite you as usual to remember that we are however talking about unofficial information, and, therefore, potentially erroneous. Waiting for any statements from Microsoft, we point out that Phil Spencer recently confirmed that the Xbox Series X is in a good position compared to PS5.