Studio Idea Factory has released a new teaser for the upcoming role-playing Thriller about a Death end the re;Quest 2 and it showed short snippets of gameplay. In particular, the battle involving heroines — the girls from the girls ‘ dormitory in a provincial town of Le Saara.
The main character, Mae Toyama, arrives here in search of a younger sister, but quickly finds out that no one here remembers Sanae. At the same time in a trace of the missing girl, and Mei soon realizes that she will have to untangle an old mystery, to find out what happened with my sister.
The gameplay is divided into two stages. Day may will explore the town, chat with the local inhabitants, to establish relationships with roommates and peers. And at night she has to go into the dark underworld and there to fight monsters and clear out dungeons.
Death end the re;Quest 2 will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2020. The developers have already submitted some arts heroines of games: Liliana, Adhesives, Pillars and Lily.
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